Pain Specialist McMinnville, OR

If you are missing out on exciting adventures and are giving up on the things that you love to do because you are in pain, you have come to the right place—Comprehensive Pain Consultants and their staff are available to help you manage your pain. At Comprehensive Pain Consultants we are committed to providing our patients with pain control so that they can continue to enjoy life.

Chronic pain can be a tremendous burden, both for those suffering with the pain, and for their families and friends. Living with pain can greatly diminish one’s quality of life, and we are here to offer pain management strategies. Our caring team works with you to create a chronic pain treatment plan that fits your personal needs, goals and lifestyle so that you can experience an improvement in the quality of your life

Comprehensive Pain Consultants offers a wide range of services to help relieve your pain.  This will include a customized plan of medication management, interventions and rehabilitation. Visit our services page to learn more about the treatments we offer.

Our team encourages you to return to this website whenever you have a question or concern about our staff, directions to our office, educational resources, and to even request an appointment with our practice. Informed patients are healthy, confident patients, so check out our patient education library for additional information about symptoms and procedures that will help you feel at ease.

If you’re ready to experience quality care that will help with chronic pain management, then visit us at Comprehensive Pain Consultants We look forward to being your pain specialist of choice and invite you to request an appointment or contact our office for more information. Begin your journey to health and healing today.